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**Parent-Teacher Conferences October 23, 9 a.m.-8 p.m. ** No School October 24**
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First Quarter Perfect Attendance!
Ninety-Seven Students at Mallory had PERFECT attendance during the first quarter!  Way to Go Bison!  
Buffalo Bison Basketball Camp
Coach Ingram and his players and staff would like to invite any boys grades 1st-6th to come to the Buffalo Bison Basketball Camp. This camp will be held in the High School Field House on November 8th, November 15th, and November 22nd from 8:30-10 a.m. To learn more information click HERE.
This Thursday and Friday, October 23 and 24, the Dallas County R-1 School District will have no school. This recess from school marks the end of first quarter. On Thursday, October 23, Parent-Teacher Conferences will be held from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. To meet with your child's teacher at Buffalo Prairie Middle School, Mallory Elementary, or Long Lane Elementary an appointment will need to be scheduled. Contact your student's teacher or building office to schedule. Buffalo High School and the Dallas County Technical Center will be open to all parents, there is no need to schedule an appointment. Remember: there will be no after school activities.
Kindergarten Candy Land
The Mallory Kindergarten classes held their Parent Night last week.  They called it Candy Land!  The halls were decorated in candy and all of the activities involved candy.  There was candy everywhere!  The focus of the night was on the math skills that our Little Bison have been learning.  Skills such as estimating, counting, addition and number-set-match.  There were also contests along the way involving some of those skills, and some very skillful kindergartners walked away with a board game or candy!  It was a great time for everyone involved.  
Mallory Kicks Off Our Annual Food Drive!
Heart to Heart was at Mallory on Friday and helped kick off Mallory's Annual Food Drive!  The children learned the different types of food that could be collected (Non-Perishable) and they also learned about some of the AMAZING prizes that will be awarded to classes and individuals that donate the most food!  The food drive will run from October 27 through November 21.  

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Mrs. Mathews's Class Celebrates Pumpkin Day!
Mrs. Mathews's Second grade class recently held their very own "Pumpkin Day".  The class had several pumpkins donated to them and they chose to decorate them.  Before they were able to decorate though, they used the pumpkins to practice their measurement skills.  Each pumpkin was measured for height, width and circumference and those measurements were then recorded.  Who says that learning can't be fun?  Learning is always fun at Mallory!
Little Bison at The Pumpkin Patch!
The Preschool Bison took a field trip today to the pumpkin patch. We are so happy that our PTO is supporting us by paying for our field trip transportation. The students had a wonderful time! It was also an exciting time for the parents that attended to see their little ones on their first school field trip. 
Butterflies Released at Long Lane!
Mrs. Schwanke's class at Long Lane let their babies go free this week! (Baby Butterflies that is!).  It was a joyous time for the Long Lane Second Graders as they observed their butterflies complete their metamorphosis and become adult butterflies and then begin their journey south.
F.L.Y. to Success
Mallory and Long Lane students came together at Mallory today to hear about the effects of bullying in an assembly called "F.L.Y. to Success".  It was presented by Steve Craig and Amy Short, also known as the "Fishin' Magicians".  Steve and Amy used magic tricks and illusions to help illustrate the effects of bullying as well as being nice to one another.  All of the children had a wonderful time and came away with some new strategies to help them to remember to be nice to each other.  Some of our students even got to help with some of the tricks and two of our students stood in front of the entire student body and introduced our guests!  What a great time!  (We're not so sure what Ms. Nikki will think about the cards that are stuck to the cafeteria ceiling now though.)  For pictures of today's assembly, click here.
Butterfly Babies at Long Lane
Mrs. Schwanke's Second Graders watched a new baby butterfly escape it's Chrysalis.  Then they soaked cotton balls into sugar water to feed their new baby butterfly until they could bring flowers and oranges.  Their butterfly has meconium ( it looks like blood) dripping from it right now  It is a waste product that will help to give the butterfly it's beautifully colored wings.  They are hopeful that they will see baby #2 come out of its chrysalis soon since it is turning dark brown.  It's a very exciting time in 2nd grade at Long Lane!
Great American Shakeout

October 16, 2014 Dallas County R-1 Students will participate in the "Central U.S. Great American Shakeout". This event will teach students what to do before, during, and after a major earthquake. All community members are encouraged to participate. To learn more visit or
October Mallory Memo
Click HERE to view the October Mallory Memo and HERE for the Mallory October Calendar.
September Character Kids - RESPECT

Helping Students Be Successful
  D.A. Mallory has implemented an intervention wall in the back office. We currently have the STAR Reading and STAR Early Literacy data for each child on our intervention wall.  Student cards are color coded by    grade level and placed in the pocket chart according to where they scored on their most recent STAR assessment. We will use the data wall as the big picture – to adjust whole group instruction as well as individual student  intervention groups. We will be adding STAR Math data to the wall next  week. We hope to see students shift from Below Basic and Basic over to the two categories on the left, which are Proficient and Advanced.                                                                           
Character Education
The Character Education word for October is Responsible. Being responsible is to take care of one's self and others. A responsible student carries out a duty or task carefully and thoroughly.
DCR1 Needs Community Input
The Dallas County School District is revising its school improvement plan formally called Comprehensive School Improvement Plan (CSIP). Each public school in Missouri is required to have a current improvement plan. This plan drives the decision making of the district as we strive to meet the goals set in the plan. Plans are written for five year periods. The last improvement plan was 2009-2014.  The district would like to gather input from the community about needed improvements in the district.  The district will hold a community meeting this week, Thursday, September 25 at 7 p.m. at Buffalo Prairie Middle School.  A survey has also been developed and will be distributed in a variety of ways. Residents of Buffalo will receive a survey with their city water bill next week.  Residents can complete the paper survey and return it with their water bill or drop it off at any school office, as well as the district office.  Residents can also complete the survey electronically below.  The survey will also be pushed out via email to parents who have an email address on file with the school. Other notices to access the survey on the school website will be sent via district Facebook page, Dallas County R-I Schools and district Twitter, @BisonPrideR1.  Surveys need to be completed by October 21.

School Improvement Survey
4th Grade Reports
Mrs. Barnhouse's 4th Graders at Long Lane Elementary have been working hard creating reports. Every student has done a WONDERFUL job and has been extremely neat! If you see a 4th grader be sure and tell them how good their reports have turned out! These two girls even asked to stay in at recess to work on them!

Kindergarteners of America
Mrs. Derrick's Kindergarten class learned about American symbols the week of September 15-19th. They discussed symbols such as the Statute of Liberty, The American Flag, The Bald Eagle and what they represented. To close the lesson as a class project they made an American Flag. Each student colored two different sections of the flag and it was put together like a puzzle. They are all very proud of their project.
Grandparent's Night
D.A. Mallory Elementary & Long Lane Elementary hosted their first Title 1 family night Tuesday. It was our grandparent’s night with a theme of “Mr. Potato Head Night”. This is usually our biggest family night with grandparents attending with their grandchild. Families participated in math and reading activities throughout the building and had their picture taken with “Mr. Potato Head” props such as a mustache or eye glasses. The kitchen served a baked potato with toppings to put on it, such as sour cream, chives, onions, and cheese. We had approximately 880 in attendance at Mallory and 149 at Long Lane. Owen Phillips won our grand prize drawing and Abby Macella won the survey prize at Mallory. Chelsey Evans won our grand prize drawing and Rebecca Vandruff won the survey prize at Long Lane.  One student from each class at both elementary buildings won a class prize. 

DCR1 Adopts Resolution Opposing Amendment 3
Dallas County R-1, MO - The Dallas County R-1 Board of Education has passed a resolution to officially oppose Amendment 3 on the November ballot, which would take away local control of our schools.

David Beltz of Dallas County R-1 had this to say about the board's resolution to oppose the amendment:

"Amendment 2 will take away local control of our schools, and we are fundamentally opposed to that. The fact is Amendment 3 would implement unfunded, state-mandated standardized tests that could cost upwards of $1 billion, which school districts and taxpayers would be forced to pay. Additionally, Amendment 3 would prevent school boards from hiring, promoting, compensating or dismissing teachers in accordance with board policy.

We believe that this amendment will have many unintended consequences for our school district. We know our schools and our students best, and it's important that our community maintain control of the schools in our district."

Resolution of Amendment 3
Dallas County R-1 Board of Education

WHEREAS, Amendment 3 on the November ballot is a state mandate that shifts local control for educational decisions away from parents, teachers, administrators and school boards; and

WHEREAS, Amendment 3 is a poorly drafted and deeply flawed proposal that has many unintended consequences for teachers, administrators and school boards; and 

WHEREAS, Amendment 3 would prevent school boards from hiring, promoting, compensating or dismissing teachers in accordance with board policy; and 

WHEREAS, Amendment 3 would force taxpayers to pay for additional standardized tests at a time when our public schools remain significantly underfunded by the state; and

WHEREAS, Amendment 3 significantly changes teacher evaluations away from a tool to improve teacher performance;  

Therefore be it RESOLVED, the Dallas Co R-1 Board of Education on this 15th day of September, hereby opposes Amendment 3 on the November ballot. 

David Beltz
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September Mallory Memo
To view the September Mallory Memo, click HERE.
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