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Early Out December 19 at 1:15 p.m. Christmas Vacation is December 22-January 2
District Announcements
Special Board of Education Meeting
A special board of education meeting for the Dallas County Schools has been scheduled for Monday, January 5, 2014 at 6:30 p.m. at Buffalo Prairie Middle School, Room 210. AGENDA
January 2015 Mallory Memo
For the January Edition of the Mallory Memo, click HERE!
January 2015 Mallory/Long Lane Calendar
Click the picture to see the January 2015 Calendar for Mallory and Long Lane.  
Cox Care Mobile-January 15
The Cox CARE Mobile returns to Mallory Elementary on January 15, 2015. The Cox CARE Mobile offers FREE basic health services for children from age 2 months through the age of 18 by a nurse practitioner partnering with local physicians.  Appointment scheduling begins at 9:00 a.m. and ends at 11:30 a.m. Choices of appointment times are not available. Appointments are necessary to insure the return of services offered. To schedule an appointment and obtain patient forms, contact Teresa Coltrin at 417-345-2222 ext. 2035 any day school is in session.
Santa Visits Mallory Kindergartners!
After visiting the Preschool, Santa made an appearance at Mallory and visited with our Kindergartners!
Santa Visits Mallory Pre-School
Santa made a surprise visit to Mallory Preschool this morning!  How exciting it was for our youngest Bison!  
Congratulations to Autumn Langley and Jonathon Hine, both Mallory 4th graders!  They have both read over ONE MILLION WORDS so far this school year!  They both enjoy reading just about anything, but they are very fond of Harry Potter books!  Way to go!  
Mallory Pre-K Presents The Gingerbread Man!
Our youngest Bison worked hard, and presented the play, The Gingerbread Man.  How adorable can they be?   
Mallory/Long Lane Elementary Administrative Team
Wanda Johnson; Principal

Todd D. Holt: Assistant Principal
Buffalo Kiwanis Hands Out Books
On Thursday, the Buffalo Kiwanis Club came to Mallory and Long Lane and handed out brand new books to all of the Kindergarten, First and Second Graders!  These books were beautiful hardback books, that are sure to bring years of enjoyment to their proud new owners!  We appreciate everything that the Buffalo Kiwanis do to support education at Mallory and Long Lane!  Thank You very much Kiwanis! 
November Character Kids
Mallory's November Character Kids!  We appreciate these Caring young Bison!  Way to Go Bison!  We're Proud of you!
Long Lane Christmas Program
Long Lane Elementary students will participate in a Christmas Program at 2:00 p.m. December 16th. The program will be held at Long Lane Elementary. 
December Long Lane Newsletter
Long Lane Elementary has some wonderful events planned for December, and you can check out some things that took place in November by clicking the picture. 
Mallory 2nd Grade Native American Villages
Second grade students at D.A. Mallory Elementary have been learning about native Americans.  The focus was on the Sioux or Plains Indians and the Iroquois or Eastern Woodland Indians.  Students learned about the Native American way of life.  They learned where they lived and the types of homes that they had.  They learned what was eaten and discovered the many uses of buffalo.  Students also learned how Native Americans traveled, and the different responsibilities the men and women had.  To complete this unit, each student constructed an Indian Village. 
Potlatch At Long Lane!
Long Lane 2nd Graders held a potlatch today as a culminating activity for their Native American Unit.  They enjoyed nuts, berries, dried meat, and pumpkin pie.  They also made vests and turkey hats.  Their turkey jars were a review of writing summaries with Beginning, Middle and Ends.  Learning can be so much fun!
Mallory December Calendar
Click on the Calendar for the December Events at Mallory.
December Mallory Memo
For the December Mallory Memo, click the picture!
Jan Brett Title I Family Night
Jan Brett is an American illustrator and writer of children's picture books. She is known for colorful, detailed depictions of a wide variety of animals and human cultures ranging from Scandinavia to Africa. Since many of her books have a winter theme, we are celebrating one of our favorite authors during our December 4th Title I Family Night from 5 to 7 PM. Come and join us for a fun filled night of Jan Brett activities with hot cocoa, sugar cookies, and hot apple cider!
Limo and Lunch
Long Lane & Mallory students that sold 25 items or more in our fall fundraiser traveled to Pizza Hut for lunch today. After lunch Mallory students were taken on a limo ride through town since Mallory Elementary is so close to Pizza Hut. Long Lane students were picked up and delivered back to Long Lane Elementary, so they had a little bit longer ride in the limo. Mrs. Owens and Mrs. Andrews accompanied them on their trip. The students had a great time! 
Popcorn Experiment
Miss Lenz. Mrs. Holt, Mrs. Davis and Mrs. Thiesen's kindergarten classes performed a scientific investigation using popcorn and an air popper. First, they used the five senses to make and record observations of the corn kernels. The students made and tested predictions using corn kernels in water. The participants discovered that a corn kernel will sink. Then they used heat to pop the kernels, again using their five senses to make observations. The students were very excited to record the differences on their investigation chart. They learned that a popped corn kernel will float! The whole class had a fun time and were able to eat the product! 
Smokey Visits Mallory!
Smokey the Bear visited the kindergarten classes at Mallory on Wednesday, Nov. 5th! They discussed forest fires and how to prevent them! The kids loved meeting him and having their pictures taken with him! Even our Assistant Principal Mr. Holt got to meet him!
Mallory Teachers Develop Assessments
During their LSW (Late Start Wednesday), Mallory teachers collaborated about student assessments. Kindergarten teachers utilize a software program called ESGI. It organizes their learning objectives, generates progress reports for parents, generates and presents assessments, and tracks student progress.  The teachers were developing the student assessments. First grade teachers were developing assessments for learner objectives, also. They want to ensure the assessment measures the students' knowledge and not their ability to answer the question electronically.  State assessments (MAP) will all be electronic this spring. Students will be completing them online.
"The Words We Live By"
Mallory's Fourth Graders presented a patriotic musical review titled "The Words We Live By" on Thursday evening.  They were dressed in their best, and looked and sounded INCREDIBLE!  Mrs. Carol Gilpin, music teacher at Mallory, did an outstanding job preparing them.  Their teachers also did an amazing job in helping with the rehearsals this week.   
D.A. Mallory Elementary October Character Kids
Our Character Word of the Month for October was Responsible.  The Mallory Citizens have done a fantastic job of being just that!  Congrats to them all!  
November Board of Education Meeting
The Dallas County R-I School Board of Education will meet Monday, November 17 for its regular monthly meeting at Mallory Elementary School. The meeting will begin at 6:30 p.m. The board will be available at 6 p.m. for community dialogue. Click HERE to see the agenda.
Popcorn Day in Kindergarten
Miss Lenz. Mrs. Holt, Mrs. Davis and Mrs. Thiesen's kindergarten classes performed a scientific investigation using popcorn and an air popper. We first used our five senses to make and record observations of the corn kernels. We made and tested predictions using corn kernels in water. We discovered that a corn kernel will sink. Then we used heat to pop the kernels, again using our five senses to make observations. We were very excited to record the differences on our investigation chart. We learned that a popped corn kernel will float! We had a fun time and were able to eat the product! 
Fourth Grade Performance
  Fourth grade students from Mallory will be singing in a patriotic program entitled "The Words We Live By".  The performance will be Thursday evening, November 13th at 7:00 p.m. in the Shemaker Center.  Everyone is invited to come out and support our children in this very special musical event.
Smokey the Bear Visits Mallory!
Smokey the Bear came and visited the kindergarten classes at Mallory today!  They discussed forest fires and how to prevent them!  The kids loved meeting him and having their pictures taken with him!  Even our Assistant Principal Mr. Holt got to meet him!  Thanks for coming to see us Smokey!
Long Lane Carnival
The Long Lane Carnival was held on Saturday, November 1st at Long Lane Elementary and it was a blast! The Carnival Court was headed by king and queen, Alex Hill and Ebbiney Freeman. Other members of the court included Brett Schwanke, Cheyenne Yates, Cole Atterberry, Ryleigh Glor, Riley McCleary, Patience Mason, Chelsey Evans and Jacob VanDruff. The money raised by the carnival will be used to aid teachers in their quest for classroom supplies. Thanks go to all who showed their support!
Mallory November Calendar
Click the picture to find out what is happening at Mallory Elementary during the month of November.
Red Ribbon Week - Hawaii Day
Red Ribbon Week continued on Wednesday with our very own Hawaii Day.  Our students all went "tropical" one last time before the cold weather came!  What a great time Red Ribbon Week has been!  
What's For Lunch in November?
Click the Picture to Find Out what's for lunch at Mallory in November!
November 2014 Mallory Memo
Click the Picture for the November issue of The Mallory Memo
Long Lane Fire Dept. Comes to School
Long Lane Elementary enjoyed Fire Safety Week with a presentation by the Long Lane Fire Department. The kids saw different kinds of trucks and learned about the jobs that they do. After that the fire fighters had a race to see who could get dressed the fastest. The loser would get sprayed with water. Team 1 was Fire Fighter Garret Grant and Miss Julie and on Team 2, were Fire fighter Lloyd Caselman and Mrs. Andrews. The winner was Team 2, but we decided to be sprayed together, while the entire school cheered!
Duck Dynasty and Duct Tape at Mallory
We are celebrating Red Ribbon Week at Mallory this week!  Monday was "Duck Dynasty or Duct Tape Day".  Several students participated along with their teachers.  Willy and Uncle Si would sure be proud.
First Quarter Perfect Attendance!
Ninety-Seven Students at Mallory had PERFECT attendance during the first quarter!  Way to Go Bison!  
Kindergarten Candy Land
The Mallory Kindergarten classes held their Parent Night last week.  They called it Candy Land!  The halls were decorated in candy and all of the activities involved candy.  There was candy everywhere!  The focus of the night was on the math skills that our Little Bison have been learning.  Skills such as estimating, counting, addition and number-set-match.  There were also contests along the way involving some of those skills, and some very skillful kindergartners walked away with a board game or candy!  It was a great time for everyone involved.  
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Mrs. Mathews's Class Celebrates Pumpkin Day!
Mrs. Mathews's Second grade class recently held their very own "Pumpkin Day".  The class had several pumpkins donated to them and they chose to decorate them.  Before they were able to decorate though, they used the pumpkins to practice their measurement skills.  Each pumpkin was measured for height, width and circumference and those measurements were then recorded.  Who says that learning can't be fun?  Learning is always fun at Mallory!
Little Bison at The Pumpkin Patch!
The Preschool Bison took a field trip today to the pumpkin patch. We are so happy that our PTO is supporting us by paying for our field trip transportation. The students had a wonderful time! It was also an exciting time for the parents that attended to see their little ones on their first school field trip. 
Butterflies Released at Long Lane!
Mrs. Schwanke's class at Long Lane let their babies go free this week! (Baby Butterflies that is!).  It was a joyous time for the Long Lane Second Graders as they observed their butterflies complete their metamorphosis and become adult butterflies and then begin their journey south.
F.L.Y. to Success
Mallory and Long Lane students came together at Mallory today to hear about the effects of bullying in an assembly called "F.L.Y. to Success".  It was presented by Steve Craig and Amy Short, also known as the "Fishin' Magicians".  Steve and Amy used magic tricks and illusions to help illustrate the effects of bullying as well as being nice to one another.  All of the children had a wonderful time and came away with some new strategies to help them to remember to be nice to each other.  Some of our students even got to help with some of the tricks and two of our students stood in front of the entire student body and introduced our guests!  What a great time!  (We're not so sure what Ms. Nikki will think about the cards that are stuck to the cafeteria ceiling now though.)  For pictures of today's assembly, click here.
Butterfly Babies at Long Lane
Mrs. Schwanke's Second Graders watched a new baby butterfly escape it's Chrysalis.  Then they soaked cotton balls into sugar water to feed their new baby butterfly until they could bring flowers and oranges.  Their butterfly has meconium ( it looks like blood) dripping from it right now  It is a waste product that will help to give the butterfly it's beautifully colored wings.  They are hopeful that they will see baby #2 come out of its chrysalis soon since it is turning dark brown.  It's a very exciting time in 2nd grade at Long Lane!
September Character Kids - RESPECT

Helping Students Be Successful
  D.A. Mallory has implemented an intervention wall in the back office. We currently have the STAR Reading and STAR Early Literacy data for each child on our intervention wall.  Student cards are color coded by    grade level and placed in the pocket chart according to where they scored on their most recent STAR assessment. We will use the data wall as the big picture – to adjust whole group instruction as well as individual student  intervention groups. We will be adding STAR Math data to the wall next  week. We hope to see students shift from Below Basic and Basic over to the two categories on the left, which are Proficient and Advanced.                                                                           
Kindergarteners of America
Mrs. Derrick's Kindergarten class learned about American symbols the week of September 15-19th. They discussed symbols such as the Statute of Liberty, The American Flag, The Bald Eagle and what they represented. To close the lesson as a class project they made an American Flag. Each student colored two different sections of the flag and it was put together like a puzzle. They are all very proud of their project.
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MAP Super Stars!
Mallory S.T.E.M.
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