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**First Day of School is August 13**Open House August 11, 6-8 p.m.**
Upcoming Events
- New Teacher Orientation
8:00 AM - 3:00 PM
- New Teacher Orientation
8:00 AM - 3:00 PM
- Teacher PD/Work Day
8:00 AM - 3:00 PM
- Teacher PD/Work Day
8:00 AM - 3:00 PM
- Open House
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
District Announcements
2015-2016 School Supplies List for Mallory
Click HERE to find the 2015-2016 School Supplies List for Mallory Elementary. á
Back to School Registration
Back to School Registration will be Thursday, July 30 from 8 a.m.-7 p.m. and Friday, July 31 from 8 a.m.-3 p.m. at Buffalo Prairie Middle School. Enrollment packets were placed in the mail to currently enrolled families. Families new to the district will also begin their enrollment at this time. Please use the New Student Enrollment tab above to access enrollment forms. áClick this link to see the Registration Letter included in the packet.
OACAC Hosts 18th Annual Back to School Fair
OACAC will be hosting its 18tháAnnual Back to School Fair August 4 at the Mallory Elementary FEMA building, for income qualifying children up to the 6th grade.á A REALL simulation is planned August 6 for children 7th grade and older at the Mallory Elementary FEMA building. Please call OACAC at 345-7964 for an appointment to get signed up these activities, including help with school supplies and other services. Children must be preregistered and must be present at the registration for shoe sizing. Registration for the back to school fair will end Friday July 17. ááPlease contact the OACAC office if you have questions.á

May 2015 Character Kids at Mallory
April 2015 Character Kids at Mallory
2014-2015 Perfect Attendance
What An Accomplishment!
Congrats to Autumn Clubb, a fourth grader at Mallory. áShe has had PERFECT ATTENDANCE from first grade all the way through the last day of her fourth grade year! áWhat an accomplishment! áAs a result of all of her hard work, we presented Autumn with a brand New Galaxy Tablet that she'll be able to load lots of books to read on. áWe're VERY proud of Autumn here at Mallory! á#bisonproud á
Second Semester Perfect Attendance!
Fourth Quarter Perfect Attendance!
June Mallory Memo
Click HERE for the June 2015 Mallory Memo.
Schools Out
Click HERE to view School's Out video!
Science Night at Mallory
Please click HERE to view Science Family Night video.
2015-2016 School Year Calendar
Click HERE to see the 2015-2016 School Year Calendar. á
Kindergarten Science Fun!
Our kindergartners had to miss Computer Class this week because of MAP Testing, but that didn't stop the learning. áThey took the opportunity to learn some new words: Force, Motion,and Axis.
áTheyátalked about examples of force and motion in our world with cars, fish, birds and we deduced that we even used force and motion to eat an ice cream cone! áThey then put their new words together with "Axis" to talk about the motion of our earth as it revolves and rotates.áThey then had a little fun experimenting with their new words by spinning all kinds of fun tops. áThe learning (and fun) never stop at Mallory! á
Long Lane Character Kids for May
Back Row left to right- Natalie Atterberry 4th, Tristan Mueller 3rd, Alexia Cusick 1st
Front Row- Savannah Brussow K, and Ebbiney Freeman 2nd. á
Long Lane Character Kids for April
Left to Right: Cameron Deckard 2nd, Zoie Souza 3rd, Hunter Blattel K, Devin Caselman 4th, and Payton Portis 1st. á
Long Lane 2014 MAP
Pictured are those students from Long Lane that scored either Proficient or Advanced on the MAP Test in the Spring of 2014. áThey recently celebrated with a lunch at Pizza Hut! áWay to Go! á
Mallory Memo May 2015
Click HERE for the May 2015 Mallory Memo. á
"You Sank My Battleship!"
Everyone remembers the board game "Battleship". áThe kindergartners in MissáLenz'sákindergarten class have been playing their own variation on the game with a number chart. áBy playing "Battleship" on the number chart, kindergartners are able to practice their number recognition skills in a fun and exciting way! á
May Calendar
May is a very busy month at Mallory! áKeep ahead of what is going on! áClick HERE to view and download the May calendar!
What's for Lunch?
Click HERE to view the upcoming lunch schedule.
K-Jam is Coming!
If your child is an incoming kindergartner for the 2015-2016 school year, áplease plan to join us at Mallory on May 5 from 5:00 pm-7:00 pm for our annual Kindergarten Jamboree! áWe'll welcome our newest Bison to Mallory, and they can begin experiencing kindergarten BEFORE school starts this fall! áFor more information click here. á á
MAP Celebration at Mallory
Congrats to those young Bison that scored either proficient or advanced on one or both parts of the 2014 MAP Test! áWe all had a great time cheering them on! áCongrats! áWe're very proud of you! áTo see a video of our celebration, click here. á
Kindergarten Fun with the Letter E!
What happens on April Fools day when the students look forward to having brownies for their snack, only to find out, their snack is a "Brown E"? áTheir facial expressions say it all! á(and of course, after the fun, they all enjoyed a real brownie.)á
DQ Bison Night!

Students and Teachrs had a GREAT time Tuesday night at the spring Dairy Queen Bison Night. áBison Night is a fund raiser that the Buffalo Dairy Queen held for the students of Mallory and Long Lane! áEveryone had a GREAT time, and the food was AWESOME! áThank You Buffalo Dairy Queen for supporting our schools! áIt is appreciated more than you know!áá
The Carnival is Coming!
The Mallory PTO will be holding our Spring Carnival on April 18 from 4-7 pm! áThere will be something for EVERYONE! áLive Bluegrass music by the Bluegrass Buckjumpers, Food, and lots of lots of games, face painting, mini-golf, and a "rat-a-polt"! áSomething fun for the ENTIRE family! áBring your lawn chairs áand enjoy a fun evening at Mallory!á
Third Quarter Perfect Attendance
These young Bison from Mallory had PERFECT attendance during third quarter of the school year! áAttendance is very important for young learners, and these young people understand that! áWe're proud of them! á á
March Character Kids from Mallory!
Congrats to our Little Bison from Mallory on being selected as our March Character Kids! áThese young Bison have demonstrated amazing Self-Discipline throughout this school year! áWe are very proud of them!á#bisonproud ááá
Mallory Memo April 2015
For April's Mallory Memo click HERE
For Mallory's April Calendar click HERE
Mallory Summer School Information
Please click HERE for information concerning summer school enrollment.
Pre-Schoolers Make Play-Doh!
Recently, our youngest Bison at the Mallory Pre-School made their own Play-Doh!á They measured, poured, and mixed the ingredients.á The recipe called for 2 cups of flour, and 1 cup of salt.á I used a half cup measuring scoop and had the students tell me the number of half cup scoops we needed in order to correctly follow the recipe.á They were able to correctly convert the measurements. It was educational as well as helping students build fine motor skills and as you can see from the pictures, they had a great time.á

Spell-Off Winners!
Last Friday, the students at Mallory held a Spell-Off in each grade level to determine who would represent Mallory at the Language Arts Fair this month! áEach grade was represented by some amazing spellers, unfortunately, only the top two in each grade will be able to travel to the fair. áThose representing Mallory will be: First Grade - Alyssa McGaha, Jaycee Johnson áSecond Grade - CheyanneáAdams, Isaac Ingram Third Grade - Morgan Rushing Rachel Brutoná Fourth Grade - Jacob Nalley, Bradley Ashlin. áEach grade level also chose two alternates. áThey are: First Grade Abigail Keasling, Dylan Butler Second Grade Olivia Williams, Kaden AbmeyeráThird Grade - Leah Stitt, Ryan Walker Fourth Grade - Reagan Carter, Brooklyn Warfel. áCongrats to all of our Super Spellers! á
Elementary Wrestler Dominates!
Last weekend the Bison Youth Wrestling Club wrestled for glory at the USA State tournament in St. Louis, Missouri.á Tristan Muller from Long Lane dominated the competition and became the first State Champion in Dallas County School history! He scored an amazing 12 team points at state placing Bison Youth Wrestling 48th out of 168 schools.á Blake Dahr from Buffalo Prairie Middle School placed 5th in his 16 man bracket to give him his first state finish in his already outstanding career.á Blake also scored 2 team points for our hometown team.á These young men are on the right track for greatness. á
Parents as Teachers Information
Are you a new parent of a child between birth and five years old? Click here for information about the Parents as Teachers program here in the Dallas County School District.
Mallory 2nd Graders and Eggs!
The students in Mrs. Redd's second grade class spent last week experimentingá with eggs in order to find the effects that different beverages have on our teeth. Egg shells and teeth are similar.á Students soaked eggs in milk, water, soda, orange juice, and vinegar.The next day they brushed the egg shell with toothpaste and observed the effects on the shell. Students then recorded the data and compared it to their prediction. Science is fun!
Grandparent's Day at Mallory Pre-School
Recently, our youngest Bison at the Mallory Pre-School held their Grandparent's Day! áIt was an exciting day for those children. áWe appreciate all of the grandparents (and Moms and Dads) that spent the morning or afternoon with their little Bison!
February Character Kids at Mallory!
February's Character Kids all displayed an enormous amount of Courtesy! áWe are very proud of our little Bison! áCongratulations on a job well done! á
D.A. Mallory Yearbooks
Order your yearbook today!á
Order Online
Yearbook ID Code: 2265715
Standard Yearbook: $13.50
Add student's portrait and name on the cover: +$5.00
Order Deadline: áMarch 12, 2015
End of 3rd Quarter Adjusted
The last day of 3rd quarter has been moved to March 19. It was originally scheduled for March 12 but due to last week's snow days, it has been adjusted.
Kindergarten Screening for 2015-2016 School Year
Kindergarten Screening for the 2015-2016 School Year will begin on March 18, 2015 and continue every Wednesday through April. áScreenings will be from 8:30-2:30 and are by appointment only. áClick HEREáfor more information.
Charlie Brown Night at Mallory!
Click on Charlie to watch a video of our exciting evening with Charlie Brown!
The Clifford Olympics at Mallory!
The Kindergarten Classes recently celebrated the end of "Clifford Week" with their very own Olympic Games . . . . .Clifford Style! áWhat fun and excitement it was for our little Bison! áThere may even be a few future Olympians! á
Mallory Conservation Kids!
Watch this video of some of our Mallory Conservation Kids discussing pollution, recycling and our natural resources. áThis video was written, produced, directed and filmed by some of Mallory's students! áWay to go! áPROUD TO BE BISON! ClickáHERE to view the video!
Mallory/Long Lane Elementary Administrative Team
Wanda Johnson; Principal

Todd D. Holt: Assistant Principal
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